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Our mission is to guide patients on their transformation to become the best version of themselves, to reclaim their own sense of beauty.

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Mishail A. Shapiro, D.O., FOCOO-HNS

Your beauty is yours alone.
Once you know it, you can reclaim it.
Reclaim your “Beautiful”.


— Mishail A. Shapiro, DO., FAOCO-HNS

While running a highly successful surgical practice, I suddenly realized that I and most of my patients were not getting the joy and the pleasure out of life.

Telling my patients to work less and to take better care of themselves was not helpful as I was the one who was always overworked. I was 25lb overweight, had trouble sleeping and concentrating: I was working myself into the ground!

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Han Nguyen, CST, S.A.
Anna Kuuri, R.N.
Tina Uritu
Zahid Qureshi

Beauty is ethereal, eternal and universal.

Beauty is a face of a child smiling at a rainbow, a sound of a distant thunder rolling through a moist air, a horse’s powerful movement raising dust with every stride. It is us at our best moments.

Beauty is hard to see through the lenses of everyday grind. It hides behind the computer screens and business calls. It can’t be found in a sarcasm or a frown.

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Cosmetic Surgery For Men

The conversation around cosmetic surgery has been changing, as more men look to cosmetic surgery to help them achieve or maintain a refined, fit appearance.

Men want to look good for their age, especially as there seems to be more competition in the workplace. Check out our cosmetic procedures designed specifically to enhance male appearance.

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  • I have known Dr. Shapiro for nearly 20 years, and have had various invasive and non-invasive procedures throughout this time. Dr. Shapiro’s knowledge and expertise, along with his kindness and sense of humor, are what makes him outstanding. No matter how big or how small the procedure, he will take the time to listen, answer all of your questions and put you at ease. I have the utmost trust and confidence in Dr. Shapiro and highly recommend him.

    — Kyli Burke
  • Reclaim MedSpa is my favorite place to unwind. Elena the founder of Reclaim MedSpa has worked absolute magic on my skin. I came to her with broken out/congested, red, rough, irritated skin and my skin today (only a few months later) is clear, soothed, smooth and glowing. I’m forever grateful to Reclaim MedSpa for giving me the skin I’ve always dreamed of.

    — Melissa Formeister
  • Elena from Reclaim medSpa is very knowledgeable about a large variety of beauty treatments and works with each client to customize a plan that’s right just for them. I’ve been especially happy about my results with Cool Sculpting. Elena took wonderful care of me during my treatments and went above and beyond to ensure I have a good experience at the Spa, as well as fantastic results. I’ve since gone back for multiple other services and will continue to look to Elena for advice and guidance on all my skin care and fast loss needs.

    — Maggie
  • Dr. Shapiro and his team at Reclaim MedSpa have given me my youth back. I’ve had PRP and used their Korean shampoo to help give me back my hair. It’s been thinning for the last few years. The combination of suggestions and treatment from Dr. Shapiro is helping my hair grow back and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve also had the CO2 laser treatment and at 70 years old It took at least ten years off my skin. Amazing!

    — Peggy Formeister
  • I visited Reclaim Med Spa when I decided to finally do something about the blemishes under my eyes (Xanthelasma). Dr. Shapiro and Zahid examined the spots which were a concern to me and explained in detail the best course of action. They took their time and did a wonderful job to ensure I was educated and comfortable before I made any decisions. Feeling a great deal of comfort after speaking with Dr. Shapiro & Zahid, I agreed to the short 45 minute in office procedure . Within two days I felt amazing and am beyond satisfied with the results! I can’t thank them enough for making me look & feel like a million bucks! I highly recommend Reclaim Med Spa and will be going back for other services in the future! Thanks Dr. Shapiro!

    — Jim T.
  • My experience with Dr. Shapiro and his staff was beyond great and I have them to thank for a fabulous new head of hair & a new out look on life…

    I had been looking to do something about my hair loss for quite some time. I had visited a multitude of clinics and just wasn’t convinced. Then I met with Dr. Shapiro and Zahid.  During our consultation, they did an in-depth analysis of my scalp, discussed my medical history, biological factors of hair loss and explained every aspect of what to expect from a hair restoration procedure. After my consultation, I felt I was in great, caring hands & a week later not only did I schedule my procedure, but also started my Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    My experience on the day of the procedure was nothing but smooth and professional.  I had a great time talking with the staff as each step was performed.  Dr. Shapiro’s Surgical Assistant Han made the process enjoyable and comfortable by keeping me in the loop as to what was being done. She kept me calm and at ease. In the end, Dr. Shapiro’s team extracted around 1,300 grafts from the back of my head and implanted them into the crown of my scalp.  The procedure lasted about five and a half hours and it was 100% worth it.

    It is now three months later and the results are better than I expected.  My extracted and implanted follicles have taken root and healed completely. I can’t describe what a feeling it is to have a full head of hair again. Not only that, but I’ve lost weight and have a lot more energy because of my HR Therapy!

    Thank you, Dr. Shapiro, Zahid and Han for helping this guy regain the confidence & swagger he was missing for quite some time!

    — Todd C.

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